Work in Progress

I have recently spent a lot of time researching my own family history, and more specifically, my family’s Taiwanese heritage. It has been a challenge, however, as there is very little record of it. The only time capsule that captures any essence of that lineage is my mother, who was a Chinese refugee in Taiwan, and widowed mother of 3.

With English as her second language, there has always been both an oral and cultural barrier that has diluted the story of her past and has also her made her less forthcoming in sharing its beautiful and sad details. Her past is rich with stories of love, family, struggle, and hope.

My goal is to conduct a series of interviews with my mother, and gather what I learn and hear to generate an evening-length work that speaks to my family’s history, and how both tangible & intangible barriers of communication often shape the way history is shared and told. I intend to transport viewers into a visual and auditory experience that is foreign to them, just as my family’s history was foreign to me as I learned about it for the first time. History has a way of being shaped and curated by those who tell it, and we live in a time now where those curated stories are being questioned and challenged. For those reasons, I hope to erode many of those walls in search for her voice, and mine.

Work in progress rehearsal with music by Yin collaborator, Mark De- Clive Lowe