In the Woods

Again, Again

'In The Woods Again, Again' is an evening length immersive art and dance piece that was performed at Little Boxes Theater in San Francisco. The piece combined a natural sound scape woven with electronic music, dance and speech.


"I went into the woods to lose my mind and find my soul". The show centers around exploration of loss, the hope and tragedy it opens in us and our deepest curiosties played out through the people who surround us. In the midst of abstract depictions of trauma, we find our cast of characters connecting energetically and serving as instruments to fulfill the vision. The show title centers less on the act of being in the woods and revolves around an emotional state; a place we sometimes find ourselves lost in. The beauty and discovery of being in this place in our minds, mixed with the fear and danger of unknown depths we never thought we could reach. The show illustrates our fundamental need to connect as humans and how we can sometimes find ourselves lost along the way.



















Evening length, intimate performance, involving six dancers, immersive, interactive art and storytelling.