Dream rearranging

'Dream Rearranging' is an evening length dance and visual art piece that took place at Toto in San Francisco, CA.


The premiere of the piece was November 18-19 2017.


 Dream was created as a site specific piece at TOTO SF; An intimate events space in downtown SF. The piece weaved dance, visuals arts, and storytelling into an evening length performance.


The show took place in an environment that explored the many facets of self that we inhabit as people. It was a journey through our exploration of human behaviors, ego and the lack their of, guiding our audience through chapters of movement and episodic departures. The story pulled in and out of dreams with the dark, the beautiful and the unexpected. 


The visual weaving contained 360° projections by Conor Grebel, lighting design by Aaron Simunovich, and original sound design and text. Sound Design and Choreography by Natasha Adorlee. With 'Dream Rearranging', Concept o4 continues with it's mission to create unpredictable dance performances in all kinds of spaces.