for the Wrong Reasons

Premiering in April 2018 at Little Boxes Theater

San Francisco, CA


'Clapping for the Wrong Reasons' is an immersive evening length art, dance, and music show with art by Conor Bedtimes and choreography and dance by Concept o4 (SF).

'Clapping for the Wrong Reasons' is about repairing a broken machine, rather, the mechanisms of a broken mind. The textural, meta-physical elements of humanity are brought into the kinetic art realm and displayed with sound and visual installations that are apart of the dance performance.  The art and dancing will explore the nature of trying to find stability in a world that is tumultuous, the stage will serve as a place of fantasy, delusion, and emotional soundbites being acted out and explored.


The audience will be seated around the performance area where they will witness physical and emotional dance connected with immersive and kinetic art. The score and sound design will transport the audience into a world of our making.




















Concept Render for Piece 2017

Concept Render for Piece 2017